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May 11, 2021



Rules and Regulations to Be followed:

  • The students should board the exact bus for which bus pass is issued. Change of Route and change of Boarding Point without valid reason will not be permitted.

  • The students should maintain discipline while traveling in the bus.

  • The students should wait 10 minutes in advance at their respective boarding points.

  • Wearing I.D. Card is compulsory throughout the journey.

  • For grievances, Parents should submit the letter addressed to the Principal with necessary supporting documents.

  • The students shall avoid taking food and other eatables inside the bus because Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

  • The students should avoid unnecessary discussion after working hours and occupy the seats for quick departure of the buses from our campus.

  • Use of Walkman, Cell Phone and other Audio System is strictly banned at our campus and the buses.

  • Occupation of seats will be followed on FCFO basis – First Come First Occupy.

  • Foot board travel is prohibited. The students should avoid to get in / get down in a moving bus.