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June 14, 2021

Research Policy


Promotion of Research and Innovation

The PSREC grants freedom to its students and faculty,

  • To carry out research in their chosen field

  • To approach any funding agency to seek support for their research work

  • To report their findings and conclusions freely

         However, the PSREC reserves the right to scrutinize the research proposal and make it available for constructive criticism of peers. PSREC also expects that researchers shall not violate established professional ethics, norms pertaining to the health, safety, privacy, and other personal rights of human beings or to the infliction of injury or pain onanimals. The institute shall strive to create a conducive environment for research. The institute, to the extent feasible, support all research to be undertaken, by allocating the space, facilities and other resources for research programmes based on the scholarly and educational merits of the proposed research. It shall also provide development opportunities to researchers for writing research proposals andr eports, publications, patent filing,etc.

Identification of Thrust Areas

         Although the researchers have the freedom to choose their own topics of research,it is highly desirable to make research socially relevant. The institute expects the different departments to have a thrust area of research, with a view to be focused in theirefforts.

Research Projects

         A faculty member can submit a research project to any government or non-government agency.Every research proposal has to be submitted for institute’s approval through the Principal office which will maintainan up-to-date record of all submitted as well as sanctioned research projects. The institute may monitor the progress, maintain its accounts and submit the utilization certificate in time to the funding agency for all funded research projects. The institute also encourages students and faculty members to report findings from a research project either as a publication or patent

Publication of Papers in Journals

          Faculty members shall be expected to publish their research in refereed national and international journals. Except in case of Indian languages, it is expected that the journals are indexed in SCOPUS (Elsevier) and/or Web of Science. In order the improve quality of research publications, institute shall provide incentive for all such publications that appear in SCOPUS (Elsevier) and/or Web of Science indexed journals.

Consultancy and sponsored research

         PSREC encourages its faculty to take up sponsored research and consultancy assignmentsand projects. All consultancy activities will be governed by statutes as updated from time to time. Any intellectual property arising out of sponsored research will be owned jointly by the institute and theconsultant.

Patent and IPR

         The institute encourages its research community to file for patents arising out of their work. The application for filing patent will have to be submitted to institute’s Research Committee for scrutiny. Expenses for filing patent, sharing of revenue in case a patent is commercialized shall be done as per statutory provisions. The institute shall create awareness about intellectual property rights among faculty, researchers and scholars from time to time.

Collaborative National & International Research

         PSREC encourages its faculty members to conduct collaborative research with their peers from reputed National and International Universities and Institutions. The institute may also sign Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with prominent Universities and Research Institutions, for conducting joint research in the areas of common interest.

Research Misconduct

  • Research misconduct is defined as any fabrication,falsification or plagiarism in proposing,performing or reviewing research or in the reporting results of research.

  • Research misconduct does not include an honest error or difference of opinion, authorship dispute that donot involve plagiarism, and violations of other University policies (e.g., sexual harassment policy).

  • PSREC believes that the occurrence of misconduct is a threat to the basic principles of research.

  • The institute shall put in place a mechanism for taking action on all allegations of misconduct, and shall ensure that the procedures for the inquiry, investigation and adjudication of any misconduct are well defined and just for all partiesinvolved.

The Institution has taken number of Initiatives for Promoting Research Activities as follows:

  • Incentives for faculty for receiving external researchgrants.

  • Cash incentives for writing technical & literatureBooks.

  • Cash incentives for research publications in refereed National/ International journals.

  • Financial assistance to faculty for presenting technical papers in national, international conferences / workshops / FDPs / Seminars.

  • Continuous augmentation of Centers of excellence/Research labs with state of art equipment and software.

  • Supporting measures for patent filing.

  • Incentive Scheme for Research Activities:

    Publication Type
    Rewards (in Rs.)
    Funded Projects
    5% of Sanctioned Project Funding
    Books Published by renowned National / International Publishers
    Publication in Scopus / SCI/ WoS Journals
    Publication in International Conferences