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June 14, 2021



  • The research scholars of P.S.R. Engineering College (PSREC) are expected to maintain academic integrity in their research work. Academic integrity includes values of morality, trust, honesty, respect, social responsibility, legality and professionalism.

  • The research scholars of PSREC should adhere to relevant policies of government, institution and professional societies.

  • The scholar whose research involves human subjects, animal subjects and nature should obey the relevant policies while carrying out the research.All the scholars should respect the human rights and dignities of all those involved in any inquiry project and must appropriately address questions of consent, power relations, deception, confidentiality and privacy. In particular, scholars must address a range of complex issues around developing and maintaining respectful and ethical relationships with research partners based on mutual respect for academic traditions and institutional circumstances.

  • All the scholars are encouraged to disseminate original results of their research in the case of projects and thesis.

  • Any scholar exhibiting misconduct the necessary disciplinary actions will be taken according to the type of allegation and the report of investigation. If the registration of particular scholar is cancelled, he/she will not be eligible for readmission to any of the courses of this institution.

  • Cases of misconduct includes plagiarism, piracy, abuse of copyrights, abuse of research resources, misuse of funds, fabrication, falsification of data, fraudulent changing of records, misconduct in formal examinations, disrupting the works of others and misleading ascription of authorship.

  • If the scholar faces any issues while carrying out the research that should be reported to the concerned supervisor very immediately.

  • Over and above, all the scholars of PSREC are expected to follow the research conduct rules of MHRD, UGC and Anna University, Chennai by which PSREC is affiliated.



The college uses the following plagiarism detecting software’s for checking the plagiarism

  • URKUND - Plagiarism Checker

  • Plagiarism Checker X Pro

URKUND - Plagiarism Checker

All the recognised supervisors of Anna University on given access to the URKUND Plagiarism Checker by the Centre for Research, Anna University, Chennai for checking Plagiarisms in the papers, publications, synopsis and Thesis of their respective Ph.D Scholars.

Research Scholar should submit the copy of Urkund plagiarism check report to the concern supervisor paper, drafted before submitting into the Journal/Conference.

The research scholar thesis should accompany Urkund plagiarism report while submitting synopsis and thesis to center of research, Anna University.

Plagiarism Checker X Pro

The College uses Plagiarism Checker X Pro software for detecting plagiarism in the following documents

  • Faculty Journal publications

  • PG Thesis

  • UG/ PG paper publications

  • PG Assignments

UG/PG Students should submit the copy of plagiarism checker X pro report to the concern Guide, before submitting into the Journal/Conference.

In case, maximum of 20% of similarity is allowed for PG Thesis, UG/ PG paper publications and PG Assignments.