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May 11, 2021

Rules and regulations



Every inmate of the Hostel is expected to maintain a high standard of discipline.

They are

  • Inmates Should refrain from antisocial activities like consuming alcoholic beverage, intoxicating drug etc..

  • Possession of mobile phones, banned electronic gadgets, Usage of Laptops without permission are all prohibited inside the Hostel.

  • Indulgence in serious offences mentioned above will result in their expulsion from the Hostel.

  • The Chief Warden and Resident Tutors shall decide on the Course of disciplinary action against students involved in such offences.

  • A Student once expelled from the Hostel will not be eligible for re admission.

  • No inmate is allowed to entertain any expelled student in the Hostel.

Mess and Mess Rules

The Hostel has both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian mess. Every inmate of the Hostel has to dine compulsorily in one of the two messes. The menu served shall be prepared and approved by the Hostel Committee.

Hostel Property

Members are personally responsible for the electric fittings in their rooms and for the maintenance of the furniture and return of the furniture allotted to them in proper condition. If any damages are caused to the hostel property, the charges will be recovered from the students.

Accommodation for Guests

No guest shall be permitted to stay in the Hostel. However, guests with valid reasons, desirous of staying should get prior permission from the Deputy Warden. A separate register for guests is maintained in the Hostel Office. Proper entries should be made in the register before taking a guest to the room for their stay.

Entertainment of Guests

  • Members are permitted to entertain guests up to a limited number in each Mess. The inmate entertaining the guests should make entries in the guest book in his/her own handwriting, get the duly filled in counterfoil and take the guests inside the dining hall. The guests should always be accompanied by the host.

  • Hostelers are not permitted to entertain the Day Scholar students as guests under any circumstances.