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  May 11, 2021

Online Grievances Redressal

Online Grievance Redressal

                The Grievance Redressal Cell was constituted to address the grievances of the students and staff in academic and non-academic matters. The Grievance Redressal Cell attempts to address genuine problems and complaints

  • To create a platform where students can submit / convey their problems regarding academic and non-academic matters.
  • Get suggestions from the students for improvement.
  • Take necessary steps for improvement in the light of grievances.

Functional Committee

Academic Year 2019-20

Contact No
1. Dr. B. G. Vishnuram Chairman 8012531347 principal@psr.edu.in
3. Dr. P. Marichamy Member 9489796849 pmarichamy@psr.edu.in
4. Dr.M.Shahul Hameed Member 9943307301 shahulhameed@psr.edu.in
5. Dr.K.Valarmathi Member 9976533459 valarmathi@psr.edu.in
6. Dr.K.Rubasoundar Member 9486123422 rubasoundar@psr.edu.in
7. Dr.K.Kanagasabapathy Member 7373073580 hod_mech@psr.edu.in
8. Mr.D.Sriram Member 6380321865 sriram@psr.edu.in
9. Dr.P.Pitchipoo Member 9841310110 pitchipoo@psr.edu.in
10. Dr.R.Madavan Member 9952297231 madavan@psr.edu.in
10. Dr.K.Subramanian Member 9944500655 subramanian@psr.edu.in
11. Dr.A.Ramathilagam Member 9942417425 ramathilagam@psr.edu.in
12. Dr.R.Kasi Raman Member 9894604930 kasiraman@psr.edu.in

                The students / staff approach the cell to express their grievances regarding academic and non-academic matters. Students are encouraged to use the contact mail / suggestion box placed on the campus to convey constructive suggestions and grievances. All complaints are scrutinized by the cell and disposal / suggestions are given in the regular meeting. The cell assures the students that the complaints made are kept confidentially.

Grievance Register Form

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