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June 14, 2021

Institution Policy for Funded Research Projects



         The PSREC Centre for Research and Consultancy is a service unit under the Office of the Dean (Research). It provides valuable support in fulfilling the college‚Äôs Vision-Mission through its programs and services. It promotes and nurtures a culture of genuine intellectual inquiry, advances inter-and multi-disciplinary studies, and serves as a clearing house for information related to faculty research activities on campus, among others, in support of this Vision-Mission.

Its Programs and Services

  • Administers the Academic Research Program

  • Monitors externally-funded projects under taken by the different departments and research centers.

  • Disseminates salient findings of completed researches

  • Provides project development and implementation assistance

  • Documents and assists in the formulation, review, and amendment of guidelines and policies governing research in PSREC

Internal Funding for Research Projects

         PSREC provides funds to the faculty for carrying out research or development projects. The results of these Projects may form the basis for applying Funded Research projects. These Projects may be basic or applied

Basic Requirements/Conditions

Faculty Qualification

  • Research grants are awarded to full time and part time faculty members for pursuing Ph.D Program. Priority is given to faculty members depends upon the theme thrust area of the proposal.

  • Upon the recommendations of the Principal and Dean, faculty members may qualify as investigator and co-investigator of research projects based on their involvement and commitment in guiding M.E thesis for students and publication experts.

  • Visiting or exchange faculty members with research experience may qualify as investigator, but the duration of the grant should not go beyond the term of their appointment

  • Superannuated faculty members with research experience may qualify as investigator, but the duration of the grant should not go beyond the date of their appointment.

Types of Research Proposals

  • Basic or Fundamental Research

  •          Basic or fundamental research involves experimental or theoretical work undertaken to acquire new knowledge without particular or specific application in use

  • Applied Research

  •          Applied research involves an original investigation undertaken to acquire new knowledge towards a specific aim or objective

  • Experimental Development Project

  •          Experimental Development project refers to systematic work that is undertaken from the knowledge gained due to research and/ or practical experience that is oriented to produce new materials, products and devices, install new processes, systems and services, and substantially improve those already produced or installed

Submission of Proposals

  • Research proposal application shall be submitted throughout the year in the R&D Cell after getting approval from respective HOD and Dean (Research).

  • Project submission application should have complete details of project idea. Project methodology, project duration and fund requirement details.

General Guidelines & Policies

Evaluation Criteria of Project Proposals

A project may be approved if:
  • The project will result in publishable/patentable research outcome.

  • The project will make an impact on and contribution to education in the University.

  • New knowledge will be produced and contribute to different field/ areas of specialization.

  • The project is the part of the research thrusts of the Department/ College/ University/ State.

  • The investigator should have the capability to undertake and complete a research project.

  • If a investigator has an ongoing project, and he/she proposes a new one, approval of the new project will be deferred until the time that the earlier project is completed.

  • An investigator is granted only one internally-funded project at one time.

Monitoring of Research Budget

  • No disbursement of funds in excess of the approved budget will be allowed. However, those with exceptional cases may file a request for additional funds to the Dean (Research) through Principle for recommendation to the management.

  • Funds approved for one project may not be allocated for another project.

  • Fund disbursement is subjected to the prompt submission of progress reports, mid- term report, and/or settlement of previous cash advances.

  • Settlement should be supported by acceptable cash invoices/original official receipts.

  • Checques for project equipment /supplies must be submitted with a corresponding Materials Requisition Form signed by the Principal Investigator, countersigned by Principal and Dean (Research).

  • Cash advances for up to 20% of the approved budget may be requested for materials and supplies. Generally, cash advances should be settled within 15 days.

Monitoring of Research Progress

  • A progress report, mid-term report, final, and revised report has to be submitted.

  • Faculty investigators are required, where applicable, to attach the photos/ pictures of research activities to the progress report

  • Submission of a progress report and mid-term report are prerequisite to the subsequent release of funds

  • Copy of the final report should be submitted to R&D Cell

  • Faculty investigator is required to submit research outputs in publishable form

  • An investigator handling project should submit a final report different from the student's thesis

  • The research investigator is expected to complete the research project according to the terms approved by the PSREC. The investigator is not allowed to transfer the project to another faculty member without proper approval from the Research committee

  • Long overdue projects (i.e. Projects that exceed the maximum deadline of project completion) will be reviewed by PSREC management

  • For projects with more than one investigator, the role and output of each investigator should be clearly identified in the proposal stage

  • In cases where the co-investigator has retired, has resigned, goes on study leave, the main investigator will take over the project and see to its for completion

  • The Principal Investigator has to complete the research project within the permitted duration of the project

Monitoring of Research Progress
Normally the Projects are expected to be completed as planned. With regards to requests for additional funds/extension of deadlines/changes in the project proposals:

  • Requests for extension of deadlines or additional funds are discouraged.

  • The Investigator need to request for additional funds or an extension of the project deadline, this should be done in writing and addressed to the Dean (Research). Supporting documents should be attached

  • Requests for extension of deadlines should be accompanied by a current status of the report. The R&D Cell along with respective HOD evaluates requests for changes in the project duration and fund allocation

Evaluation of Final Reports

  • All final reports of research projects are evaluated by Research committee as well as experts in the field

  • Reports for publication are presented to R&D Cell by the investigator

Completion of Research Project
A project is considered provisionally completed upon acceptance of the evaluators of the final report/research outcome. A project is considered completed upon compliance with the above provision and submission of the following requirements:

  • Project report duly signed by the investigator/co-investigator, by respective HOD and Dean (Research)

  • Hardcopy or electronic copy of the report/ publication on CD

  • Complete report of fund used for the project

Dissemination of Research Outcome

         Upon completion of the project, the investigator shall disseminate his/ her research findings to his/ her department, or he/she is invited to present his /her research study through the College R&D Cell

Publication of Internally-Funded Research Projects

  • Investigator who has completed his/her research project is encouraged to publish his/ her research work

  • Proper acknowledgement of the grant by the funded agency should be made in any publication of the report

  • All intellectual properties of internally funded projects shall be governed by the Intellectual Property (IP) policy of PSREC